Local Exhibition at the Duck Race in Sömmerda

As a sponsor, we supported the Duck Race in Sömmerda. We had our own exhibition stand, and the event was lively and interactive. Alongside showcasing our products, we prepared a highly entertaining game for the children, which brought a lot of fun. In a pool full of blue ducks, the children had to find two yellow ducks to winning a duck as a prize. And as a special keepsake, they were allowed to assemble and keep a personalized toothbrush cup.

It was essential for us to connect with the local community and strengthen our presence on-site. Through such events, we demonstrate our company's commitment and aim to leave a positive impression.

The exhibition was a great success and contributed to increasing our brand awareness and that of our products. The interactive game for the young visitors sparked excitement and made the event an enjoyable experience for all participants.

We are motivated to continue utilizing such opportunities in the future. Such events enable us to build close relationships with our customers and prospects, further enhancing our brand.pects and strengthen our brand.