Commissioning of a PV-System

Environmentally conscious thinking: We have decided to install a PV-System at our premises to generate sustainable energy. It has been fully operational since March 2023 and is now progressively supplying power to our company. The solar panels have been strategically positioned on our building to make the most of sunlight exposure. By distributing them across the roof, we are efficiently utilizing the available space.

The commissioning of the system in March marks a significant milestone for us. Finally, as a company, we can rely on solar power for our own needs. At present, we are already utilizing an impressive 41% of it for our electrical devices. It is essential for us to embrace environmentally friendly energy sources while also enhancing the power supply reliability to our production facility.

Our PV-System is forward-thinking, not just for promoting sustainable practices but also for our commitment to environmental protection. By harnessing renewable energy sources, we actively contribute to reducing CO₂ emissions and make a statement in favour of climate protection.