Stepper Motors

Our many years of comprehensive experience in developing and manufacturing hybrid stepper motors have resulted in an extensive range of standard and specialized models, which are also primarily manufactured at the production site in Sömmerda. All of MICROSTEP's drives are characterized by:

  • a high level of reliability
  • the use of high-energy magnetic materials
  • the fundamental use of precision ball bearings
  • high dynamics due to the use of laminated rotors
  • excellent suitability for microstepping operations.


The hybrid stepper motors are organized into the following sizes:

Step angle [°] 0,9 1,8 1,8 5
Motor size [mm] 39 x 39 39 x 39 56 x 56 44 x 44

All of the standard types can be adapted for individual customer requests at short notice, where technically possible.

The stepper motors are organized into the following main groups, according to structural design.

Step angleMotor sizeMotor lengthholding torqueData sheet (german)
0,9°39 x 39 mm26 mm80 mNmSHS 39/400-0100 PDF
30 mm160 mNmSHS 39/400-1000 PDF
36 mm245 mNmSHS 39/400-2000 PDF
45,6 mm280 mNmSHS 39/400-3000 PDF
1,8°39 x 39 mm24,7 mm80 mNmSHS 39/200-0600 PDF
29,6 mm80 mNmSHS 39/200-0100 PDF
33,6 mm180 mNmSHS 39/200-1000 PDF
39,6 mm240 mNmSHS 39/200-2000 PDF
45,6 mm290 mNmSHS 39/200-3000 PDF
51,6 mm360 mNmSHS 39/200-4000 PDF
57,6 mm450 mNmSHS 39/200-5000 PDF
1,8°56 x 56 mm54 mm850 mNmSHS 56/200-K0 PDF
76 mm1600 mNmSHS 56/200-K7 PDF
5,0°44 x 44 mm44 mm270 mNmSHS 44/72-2000 PDF
54 mm360 mNmSHS 44/72-4000 PDF
Step angleMotor sizeMotor lengthHolding torqueData sheet (german)
1,8°39 x 39 mm45 mm315 mNmSHS 39/200-3000 HT PDF
Step angleMotor sizeMotor lengthHolding torqueData sheet (german)
1,8°39 x 39 mm28,2 mm bis 52,2 mm290 mNmSHS 39/200-Hohlwelle PDF
Step angleMotor size (diameter)Motor lengthHolding torqueSeries
3,75°42 mm15,3 mm54 mNmPM SPR 42S
21,1 mm78 mNmPM SPR 42L
7,5°25 mm12,5 mm16 mNmPM SPR 25S
17,0 mm25 mNmPM SPR 25L
35 mm15,3 mm48 mNmPM SPR 35S
21,1 mm62 mNmPM SPR 35L
42 mm15,3 mm64 mNmPM SPR 42S
21,3 mm95 mNmPM SPR 42L
55 mm25,7 mm180 mNmPM SPR 55
15°25 mm12,5 mm10 mNmPM SPR 25S
17 mm17 mNmPM SPR 25L
35 mm15,3 mm22 mNmPM SPR 35S
18°20 mm14,3 mm8,5 mNmPM SPR 20S
19,3 mm12 mNmPM SPR 20L
10 mm8,8 mm0,5 mNmPM SPR 10
8 mm8,5 mm0,4 mNmPM SPR 08

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