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By supplementing the stepper motors with accessory assemblies such as drives, transducers, brakes and couplings, we are able to significantly expand the application area for our drive assemblies. They can be assembled on-site at MICROSTEP GmbH as well as by the users themselves, which allows the accessory assemblies to be optimally adapted to the motors.

Various preferred variants have been defined for use with drives, with combinations of stepper motors and planetary drives. You can find these listed under "Transmission stepper motors".

Because of their relatively small size, the MICROSTEP stepper motors in the SHS 39/200-xxxx and SHS 39/400-xxxx series primarily use permanent magnetic brakes.
Permanent magnetic brakes are electromagnetically released brakes for dry operation with a frictional, backlash-free effect; their flow of force comes from permanent magnets. This technology allows drive shafts to be connected and moving loads to be slowed down even when the electricity is shut off. If the operating voltage is shut off, the motor is held in its current position.
Motors with a #56 flange dimension primarily use spring-applied brakes.

Permanent magnet brakes, due to their relatively small construction size, are used particularly in the MICROSTEP stepping motors of the design series SHS 39/200–xxxx.
Permanent magnet brakes are electromagnetic-ventilating brakes for dry run with non-positive, torsional-backlash-free effect, whose flux pattern is generated by permanent magnets.

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The principle is based on a single planetary gearing which offers a high torque throughput with compact construction design.


  • Coaxial arrangement of the input and output shaft
  • Input rotation direction = Output rotation direction
  • High efficiency
  • Compact construction design
  • Low sensitivity to impact loading

data sheet (german)

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