MICROSTEP Products: designed, developed, approved and manufactured in Germany

The focus of MICROSTEP's product and marketing strategy is on developing and manufacturing mechanical and mechatronic components relating to drive technology. Because of our many years of experience in this area, our activities mainly focus on project planning for stepper-motor systems.


Product Groups

Stepper Motors
Linear Actuators
Transmission stepper motors
MICROSTEP: Special Solutions

MICROSTEP GmbH provides a comprehensive range of standard solutions for all product groups. In order to optimize the drives for our customers' applications, all of the standard solutions can be varied and adapted for individual customers.

The completion and assembly of optional assembly groups, such as drives, transmitters, brakes and couplings, along with the development and manufacturing of specialized motors and programmable stepper motor controls, help expand MICROSTEP GmbH's range of products and services.

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