Microstep - Geschichte


MICROSTEP GmbH was founded in 1991.
Stepper motors have been developed and manufactured in Sömmerda since 1975. This specialized knowledge, together with our highly qualified employees and the ongoing upgrades and expansions to our manufacturing equipment, forms the basis for our company's successful further development.

To date, we have been able to consistently expand our range of products. In 1993 we started manufacturing linear actuators, which are still an important part of our range as various product lines.

We still manufacture standard hybrid stepper motors as the basis for our further developed drive assemblies and specialized solutions. Varying, modifying and integrating the structural elements has allowed us to develop customer-specific drives such as linear actuators, lift and turn actuators, dual-shaft motors with two independent drive shafts and transmission stepper motors.

Our close, long-term partnerships with universities, colleges and business-related research institutions have consistently expanded our scientific and technical expertise, something that is reflected in our innovative, technically advanced products today.